– Video Analytics –


  • Motion Detection

    • Analyzes video in real-time and detects valid motion in a scene
    • Filters out “noise” such as lighting changes, natural tree movements, water movements, small animals, and even small video artifact noise
    • Reliable detection with fewer unwanted false alarms

    Camera Tamper Detection

    • Monitors video and automatically detects camera failure or sabotage
    • Detects tamper attempts such as partially or completely blocking a lens and changing the camera angle
    • Provides real-time alert upon detection
  • Intrusion Detection

    • Provides automated perimeter monitoring and secure area protection
    • Continuously monitors user-selected zones for people or vehicle intrusion
    • Filters out noise such as lighting variations and tree movements
    • Issues real-time alerts upon detection
    • Deployable both indoors and outdoors

    Face Detection & Recognition

    • Detection capability allows for identification and extraction of human faces in a camera’s field of view to record for future retrieval and forensic analysis
    • Recognition capability includes the ability to search an existing database of faces and compare with faces detected in a scene to find a match
    • Together, detects “people of interest” and provides real-time alerts upon recognizing certain faces in a scene

– Audio Analytics –


  • Standard

    • Abnormal sounds
    • Shouting / Yelling
    • Glass / Window breaking
    • No / Low noise
  • Premium

    • Gun shot detection
    • Baby crying
    • Dog barking